IDENTICAL pageant twins are set to travel halfway across the world hoping to change the lives of youngsters abroad.

Alisha and Katie Lax from Byers Green, in County Durham, are planning a trip to Morocco next February to visit orphans in Marrakesh.

Their mother Lorraine Lax - who will be accompanying them on the trip - said how amazed she was at their selfless actions.

She said: “I am absolutely astounded by these kids and all the work and effort they put into helping others.

“I think the girls will realise how fortunate people in this country are as there’s lots of things we take for granted that people overseas simply don’t have. Katie and Alisha have done fundraising events in the past but this is on a much bigger scale.

“I think it’s fantastic for the pageant community also as people don’t know what goes into pageants. They don’t see all the fundraising the girls take part in which is a shame, over the years the kids have raised thousands of pounds for good causes.”

Alisha and Katie are renowned in the pageant world and have been given the opportunity to compete in Spain and Florida in 2019. Alisha holds the crown for Miss Belle UK Supreme, and Katie is Miss Junior County Durham Galaxy.

In the past few years the 12-year-old twins have been involved in other fundraisers including abseiling down Peel Monument near Manchester and 'flying' on the mile-long zip wire Velocity, the longest zip line in Europe and the fastest in the world.

The pair are teaming up with Miss County Durham Galaxy, Natasha Beaston and Mrs County Durham Galaxy, Kayleigh Aᴛᴋɪɴsᴏɴ who are also going on the trip.

The group will spend time at Enfance Espoire Maroc, an orphanage founded in 1995 which works to help abandoned newborns and children in need.

According to The High Commission for Planning, there are an estimated 30,000 orphans in Morocco. The country’s adoption laws are strict, and many children find themselves living in the orphanage for years.

The beauty queens are asking for public donations to help the children and are collecting clothes for newborns up to two years old. Cash donations can be made which will go towards clothes for the orphans.

To give to the trip, drop off items and donations at Lorraine Lax's bridal shop, Beautiful Brides, on Spennymoor High Street DL16 6DB.