TWO neighbours won £30,000 thanks to their lucky postcode – DL16 7BQ.

Two players in Castlegarth, Spennymoor, won the People’s Postcode Lottery Street Prize on Sunday.

Customer service advisor Charlotte Matthews, 36, said: “Me, my partner and our two children are living with my mum at the moment so this will mean we can put a deposit down on a house and make our own home which is amazing. We will definitely have a holiday and a wonderful Christmas.

“I always try and donate money to charity, but playing the Postcode Lottery means I know it’s going every month and being spread across a variety of causes which is a big reason I do it – winning is an incredible bonus though.”

The other winner was not home to receive a cheque from People’s Postcode Lottery ambassador Judie McCourt, so the money will be paid into their bank account.

Judie said: “It was fantastic to surprise Charlotte with her cheque. It sounds like it’s going to make a huge difference for her and her family – I hope they enjoy spending it.”

At least 32 per cent from the lottery goes to charity, such as Ferryhill-based Endeavour Woodcrafts, which recently received £2,000 to hold flower craft workshops suitable for disabled learners. The project will help participants to learn useful skills, at the same time as building friendships and confidence through group work.