A NEW arrival is an exciting time for any parent, but for Laura and Gordon Wade, good things come in threes.

The couple, already mum and dad to Georgia, nearly two, welcomed triplets into the world on Monday, October 8 – a surprise appearance at nearly five weeks early.

Mrs Wade said Olivia Daisy, weighing just 2lb 5oz; Emilia Lily, 2lbs 13oz; and Joshua David, 3lbs 3oz, were getting special care at James Cook University Hospital's high dependency unit.

She said: "I had come in to hospital on Sunday for a routine scan but had to have tests as I felt really itchy.

"I was called back in later that night and by then I had pain in my back which was moving into my front. I had to get ready for a caesarian section but had to wait hours as a couple of emergencies came in.

It has been overwhelming, especially thinking there are three of them. I had wanted to get to 35 weeks with them but they are getting all the care they need.

It's hard that I can only give them cuddles for a short time as they need to be in the incubator.

"They just need to sleep at the moment but are starting to take some of my milk. We can't wait to get them home."

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