A TAXI driver who threatened to "chop his daughter’s legs up and boil her head in a pan" has had his licence to operate revoked.

The driver, who worked in a North Yorkshire town, appeared before Hambleton District Council’s licensing and appeals hearings panel in Northallerton after concerns were raised over his conduct.

The panel heard that complaints had previously been made in October 2012, resulting in the driver first being stripped of his licence.

This was after it was found he carried an excess number of passengers, acted inappropriately and had driven dangerously.

His licence was reinstated by magistrates on a procedural technicality but two-years-later he received a written warning after further complaints were made about his driving and conduct.

Now his licence has been revoked again after the panel heard that he harassed his daughter, leading to a police caution.

The panel heard that the trouble started when the driver’s daughter moved out of the family home to live with a family friend in a house opposite.

According to a report prepared for the licensing panel, the driver made repeated threats to his daughter and displayed some bizarre behaviour, including placing her clothes over the back of his car and breaking her bed up into pieces – both in view of the opposite house.

The report of the meeting, which was held behind closed doors, refers to the driver as ‘D’ and states that over the course of one day in January he contacted his daughter 64 times via telephone and left voicemail messages, each beginning with a "derogatory comment".

It adds: “The panel noted that D had informed officers that his voicemail messages included threats to chop his daughter’s legs up and boil her head in a pan.

“D informed the panel that this was 'banter'.”

The report added: “The panel concluded that the nature of the comments and threats to D’s daughter at a time of family pressure could not reasonably be regarded as 'banter' and would be likely to provoke fear and concern.”

In taking the decision to revoke his licence, the report says: “In light of historic and current concerns, the panel concluded that D had demonstrated a propensity to behave in an aggressive and confrontational manner and that this was not the behaviour of a fit and proper person.”

It states that any sanction less than revocation of his taxi licence would be insufficient in the interests of public safety.