A TEENAGER with an injured ankle was rescued from a popular walking spot yesterday.

Mountain Rescue volunteers rescued were called out to an area close to Roseberry Topping, near Guisborough, at about 1.10pm to help a 16-year-old who had suffered ankle injuries while out walking.

A group of young students were walking east of Roseberry Topping when one of them stumbled and injured his ankle.

Cleveland Mountain Rescue team transported a paramedic to the scene in their Land Rover and then helped him hobble in the direction of the main path down to the local farm at Aireyholme, near Great Ayton, where the North East Ambulance Service was waiting to treat him and take him to hospital.

Eight mountain rescue volunteers helped out and both the team's Land Rovers attended the scene during the incident, which lasted about 40 minutes.

Mountain rescue volunteers said Roseberry Topping continued to be a callout hotspot as it was so popular.