EACH week we profile a member of The Northern Echo Camera Club. This week Ken Foulds from Belmont, Durham.

The Northern Echo:

MORNING: Misty morning ride Picture: KEN FOULDS

I started photography seriously after seeing some of the superb pictures produced by some members of the original Seaham Photographic Society (Practical Photography’s “ Society of the year” back in the 1970’s ).

My first camera was a Russian built Zenith E, which was so heavy it should have carried a health warning. The move to an Olympus OM1 was a blessed relief not only in terms of picture quality.

I don’t really focus on any one particular genre – I just enjoy being out with the camera and creating an image which is pleasing on the eye and tells a bit of a story – whether it be a small insignificant toadstool in a forest or a broader landscape/seascape.

My favourite, amongst many, is probably the image of the poppies. The light mist seemed to diffuse the colours against the yellow of the oil seed rape field and yet the reds have a magical luminosity created by the weak but bright sun penetrating the mist. It shouts out “summer”. I take most of my photographs during early morning or late evening when the mix of light and shadow seems to bring that little bit “extra” to the image.

I currently use a Canon 5D MkII and an EOS 80D with canon 24-105 and 70-200 lenses.

I generally shoot in RAW and use Lightroom and PS for all post-processing and I’ll spend whatever time is necessary to get the image just the way I want it. What’s the point of taking it if you can’t spend the extra time to get it right?

For most of us photography is a hobby. It’s meant to be a pleasure, so just go out and take whatever pleases you. If you like the end result that’s all that matters.