PUPILS are able to kickstart their day with a free healthy breakfast thanks to a new initiative to improve their day.

Corporation Road Primary is offering all of its 270-plus pupils breakfast after securing funding from Magic Breakfast to ensure no child starts their day of learning with an empty stomach.

Headteacher Ann Pringleton launched a free breakfast club to help struggling families in the area when she took over the school in 2015 but now she has been able to extend the offer after teaming up with the charity.

She said: "It's really important that the children have a good healthy breakfast to start the day, it shows in their results and their achievements at school.

"When I first took over I introduced the free breakfasts to help people in the area, who may have been struggling financially, now thanks to the funding we are able to provide everyone with a good breakfast.

"The school is very much part of the community and we have extended the offer of a free breakfast to young siblings who are not already at the school, just to make sure they can have a healthy breakfast as well if they want."

Some of the pupils to take advantage of the breakfast club includes Summer Brookes. The ten-year-old said: "I really like the breakfasts – it helps me concentrate throughout the day."

Tanisha Ahmed, ten, said: "It helps me to do my work and helps me to enjoy the day at school."

Faiza Akthar, ten, added: "I didn't really think about it before but it is definitely a good thing for the school to do and help out people who don't have much money."

Ten-year-old Suha Zareen added: "It has really helped everyone on a morning – I think it is a really good idea for the school."

Nick Blackburn, the chief executive of the Lingfield Trust which includes Corporation Road Primary, said: "All of our schools have a breakfast club but this is something a little different as it is available for all of the pupils – whether they need the support or not – and the achievements of the children prove that it is worthwhile."

And Alex Cunningham, of Magic Breakfast, said a healthy start to the day is essential for a child's education as it helps them focus and achieve their goals.

For details about a how to apply for the scheme visit www.magicbreakfast.com