A REGIONAL water company is committing to years of investment and promising its customers a 10 per cent saving in their bills by 2020, with further reductions in the future.

By putting the customer at the heart of its plans, Northumbrian Water intends to shape the future of water and waste water in the region for years to come.

The water company’s ground-breaking and most ambitious plans in its history have been handed over to water industry regulators, OFWAT, with details on how the company plans to:

• Cut customers’ bills by 10 per cent by 2020, and up to 14 per cent by 2024/25

• Eradicate water poverty - making services more affordable than ever before

• Spend and invest £3 billion pounds on improving water and wastewater services across the region

• Ensure the region has the best rivers and beaches in the whole country by investing in environmental projects and schemes

The plan outlines the company’s intention to make reductions while delivering world-class services and significant improvements for our environment.

• For County Durham, this includes investment in a new pumping station in Shildon, and at the Mosswood water treatment works, near Consett

• For Teesside, it will mean laying 53km of new water pipes to benefit more than 200,000 properties

Northumberland will see a new water transfer system connecting the abundant supplies at the Kielder Reservoir to all areas of the county

• And Tyne and Wear will benefit from improved network connections and investment in infrastructure.

In all areas, Northumbrian Water will work to reduce the risk of flooding - improving drainage and the way the water runs off the land during heavy rainfall.

Northumbrian Water’s chief executive, Heidi Mottram, said: “We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have worked with us, and continue to do so, particularly the Water Forums and our customers. The challenge and support we have received means that together we have developed our bold vision for unrivalled service. It is because of these exceptional and collaborative relationships that we can be so ambitious and confident in our plans which set out our ambition to deliver world class services.”

To find out all about the different themes and for more details on ‘Our Plan’ visit www.nwgourplan.co.uk