THE Northern Echo asked shoppers how they felt about the closure of Marks & Spencer as it began its last day of trading in Darlington town centre on Tuesday. Georgia Banks reports

The Northern Echo:

Anne Lewis, 65, of Darlington

“It’s devastating. I come into town to shop in Marks & Spencer and now I’ll have to go to Middlesbrough. The one at West Park is too far out of the way.

“There’s not much choice for shops in Darlington anymore it’s full of banks and bakeries, the town looks like a ghost town.”

The Northern Echo:

Yvonne Armstrong, 75, of Harrowgate Hill

“I’m absolutely devastated, it’s not just a place to shop it’s a meeting place.

“It’s just awful. The other Marks & Spencer is out the way, so I’ll probably have to go to Middlesbrough to shop.”

The Northern Echo:

Robert Corrance, 35, of Catterick 

“I don’t go to Marks & Spencer to shop but I think all the shops are closing because of the rent prices, Marks & Spencer will have fallen victim to that. The towns losing more and more businesses.”

The Northern Echo:

Oliver Parkes, 29, of Darlington

“I don’t shop there but all the shops have gone in that part of town. It’s dying and now Marks & Spencer is closing it will get worse.

“My mam comes to the town to shop and I think she’ll suffer because there’s nothing left. It will definitely be the older generation which will be impacted most by this, they’ll have to travel to another town.”

The Northern Echo:

Marc Dillon, 42, of Darlington

“The shopping in the town is stupid.

“I think it will impact the town because people won’t travel to West Park, it’s too far to go for one shop.

“There’s nothing left in Darlington anymore.”

The Northern Echo:

Michelle Pashchenko, 36, of Darlington

“I don’t shop in Marks & Spencer and neither do my family, it won’t affect us very much.

“I am sick of all the shops leaving, even Binns is going, the town has nothing.”

What are your views on the closure of Marks & Spencer in Darlington?

What are your views on the closure of Marks & Spencer in Darlington?

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