SISTERLY love doesn't often lead to someone shaving their hair off but that didn't stop Amy Copper.

The landlady of The Britannia pub in Darlington had no qualms when she went under the clippers to raise money for a charity very close to her heart.

The Northern Echo:

Ms Cooper was inspired to try out her new hairstyle in honour of her sister, Louise Robinson, who was diagnosed with Tuberous Sclerosis as a child and her five-year-old twin sons Riley and Tyler also suffer from the same condition.

"As I witnessed how much my mum struggled bringing up my older sister, who has Tuberous Sclerosis, I know how difficult it is to manage," she said. "When my nephews were also diagnosed with the same condition, I knew I had to do as much as possible to help.

"Me having my hair shaved off is absolutely nothing if it means I raise money for the charity."

Esme Richards was also inspired to have her long hair cut off to raise even more money for the Tuberous Sclerosis Association.

The seven-year-old was a little nervous about having her ten-inch ponytail cut off but with some encouragement her mother, Kirsty, and Amy.

Before having her ponytail chopped, the youngster said: "I'm really excited but nervous as well. I just wanted to help out Amy and raise some money."

Afterwards her mother Kirsty said: "I'm so proud of her, she was getting a little upset because she has refused to have her hair cut for years but she went ahead and did anyway. She was a little star."

Ms Cooper was delighted with the support she received from family, friends and regulars at the pub.

She added: "It was ao strange being able to feel the wind on my head, especially after it took me so long to grow my hair to the length it was. I'm just so proud of anyone, especially my sister, for taking part in this fundraising event."

Mikaela Conlin-Hulme, interim head of income generation for the TSA, said: “We are really grateful to Amy for having her head shaved for us – we think she is incredibly brave to do so.

"And we’d like to say thanks too to everyone who is supporting her through giving so generously. By doing so Amy and her community are raising much-needed funds to help us to support people with TSC."