SHARON is worried about Dennis’s behaviour in EastEnders so she agrees to let Phil have a go at discipling him – which, considering his own son ended up doing time for murder, shows just how desperate she really is.

Dennis’s welfare isn’t the only problem. Keanu loses his temper with Karen and then reacts so badly to Hayley’s teasing that he shocks even himself.

Rainie thinks Max is developing genuine feelings for her, so she’s doubly disappointed to discover he’s signed up for a no-strings dating site.

Mel’s romantic lunch with Jack ends up being a washout when Amy tags along to ask some awkward questions about her dad’s new relationship, and Ian gets a shock as he prepares for the opening of the restaurant.

And the power of the written word is in evidence in Walford, as Ted belatedly discovers Joyce has left him a series of notes, and Carmel receives a letter.

Coronation Street has long had the appeal of a circus. There’s no shortage of clowns; beloved characters walking a high wire of emotion, and holier-than-though folks being brought down a peg or two. That was certainly the case with Sally a few weeks ago when she realised she’d been conned by a smooth criminal.

This week that story takes another twist when her own circus event ends in tears, and she accuses Tim of helping Duncan to incriminate her.

Meanwhile, the war of the knicker factory continues, and Alya delights Carla with a business proposition. However, Ms Connor struggles to raise her asking price, so she agrees to go into partnership with Peter.

Elsewhere, Sean’s secret catches up with him at work; Eileen notices his dishevelled state, and he is caught red-handed by Jenny. For the love of Betty’s hotpot Sean. Just tell your loved ones you need a home.

In Emmerdale, Megan realises it’s going to take a big romantic gesture to win back Frank, and buys him a vintage sports car. Unfortunately, she buys it from Ross, so instead of driving off into the sunset together, the reunited couple are left upside down in a ditch, fighting for their lives.

Oblivious to the fact he’s just put two of the neighbours’ lives in danger, a drug-fuelled Ross organises a party, but if news about Megan and Frank doesn’t put a damper on proceedings, Cain’s reaction might.

Elsewhere, Debbie is furious when Sarah insists she doesn’t want any more treatment because she overheard Faith saying the operation would be a waste of time.

David and Maya try to tell Jacob they’re a couple now, but the teen makes it clear that he’s still Team Tracy, while it’s Victoria’s turn to be jealous when a girl makes a move on Matty.