OUR pick of tonight's TV choices

Performance Live: Taxi Tales (BBC2, regions vary)

ASPIRING authors are often told to 'write what you know', and Middlesbrough cabbie-turned-playwright Ishy Din obviously took the advice to heart. His Taxi Tales takes viewers on a journey through Middlesbrough in the cabs of the three very different drivers - a young British-Pakistani entrepreneur, a local who has returned home after a stint as a constructor worker down south, and a seasoned cabbie who is about to fall out of love of his job. As they pick up their fares, they also offer an insight into life in a post-industrial northern town. And it's not just Din who will be bringing his own experiences to the project - the lead roles are taken by local taxi drivers, while the supporting cast is made up of non-actors from the Tees Valley.

Peng Life (Channel 4, 11.05pm)

THESE are challenging times for the traditional TV channels, who find themselves competing with not just satellite and on-demand services like Netflix, but also YouTube and social media.

And it seems that Channel 4 at least is taking the "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em" approach by recruiting some of YouTube's most promising talents. Hot on the heels of The Big Narstie Show, which was presented by the grime MC and Mo Gilligan, who both made a splash on social media, comes Peng Life, which offers a showcase to Elijah Quashie, AKA the Chicken Connoisseur.

If the name still isn't ringing a bell, his reviews of chicken shops became a viral sensation, but just because he found fame online, it doesn't mean he never watches terrestrial TV. In fact, it seems he was inspired to start reviewing his local chicken shops by Gregg Wallace - or, as Elijah described him, 'the bald one on MasterChef'.

Elijah told The Guardian: "I wondered to myself, what makes his opinion more valued than anyone else's? Is it because he's been eating more food, so he has an experienced palate? I'm not sure. I thought, no one is doing this for the type of people who eat at chicken shops."

He'd clearly identified a gap in the market, but Channel 4 is now giving him a chance to expand his range.

Elijah says: "On YouTube I do the chicken ting, but now on Channel 4 I'm reviewing everything! The cheapest stuff to the most expensive stuff. Basically the deadest stuff you'll ever find to the most expensive, baller-status stuff. I'll see if it's worth the moolah. Hold tight."

He won't be doing it alone though. He's joined by his twin mates Nelson and Wilson as they hit the streets to sample some of the most deluxe experience money can buy.

In the first episode, that means test driving a Lamborghini Gallardo - and then taking a spin in a Mazda MX5 to see which offers the most bang for their buck. To help them make up their minds, they'll be able to call on the expertise of model and race car driver Jodie Kidd and Sam, who runs the automotive YouTube channel SeenThroughGlass.

The boys then drop in on London's barber-to-the-stars, Daniel J, to see how the top-end, celebrity experience compares to the legendary North London barber Damo.

The trio are then back on more familiar ground (for Elijah at least) as they check out the world of takeaways, and in particular kebabs. They sample the world's most expensive kebab to see if it really is more of a taste sensation than a standard takeout donner.

Finally, for this episode at least, Wilson and Nelson get to try out life at the very top as Elijah gives them a mission to spend time in a five-star hotel penthouse with supermodel Winnie Harlow, which sounds like the sort of job most people would be happy to accept.

But will the lads find that sometimes street beats the elite?

Britain by Bike with Larry & George Lamb (C5, 8pm)

THE actor and his TV presenter son are getting back in the saddle for another series of the travelogue in which, as the title suggests, they journey around Britain on two wheels, checking out some of the most spectacular cycle routes. They begin their six-week adventure in Northumberland, which should suit Larry, as he gets to indulge his love of Roman history with a ride along a section of Hadrian's Wall and a visit to the archaeological dig at Vindolanda, where both Lambs are given the chance to get their hands dirty. However, as a self-confessed sceptic, Larry may be less excited about a night in Chillingham, which claims to be Britain's most haunted castle. Will a ghost put in an appearance to make him change his mind?

Jane McDonald & Friends (C5, 9pm)

TENOR Russell Watson joins the host as she sings some more of her favourite songs. Also appearing are actor-singer Claire Sweeney and her former Brookside castmate Ray Quinn, who went on to come second in The X Factor 2006 and win the fourth series of Dancing on Ice. The cast of Summer Holiday: The Musical, currently touring the UK, are also welcomed to the stage to join their co-star Quinn. This multi-talented young man might be challenging Jane's own crown as the consummate all-rounder before much longer. Last in the series.

Gardeners' World (BBC2, 9pm)

MONTY DON looks at how his autumn crops are faring as well as giving tips on how to keep the garden looking at its best. Adam Frost returns to Leicester where he has been helping to create a garden from scratch on a new build estate, Frances Tophill celebrates the summer harvest on her shared allotment, and Mark Lane takes a look at the Mediterranean planting at Ventnor Botanic Garden on the Isle of Wight. The programme also visits Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire, where an immaculate and tiny garden is packed with colour.

Dicte - Crime Reporter (More4, 9pm)

THE series comes to an end as Dicte discovers that she has a sister named Maj - and decides to use her investigative skills to find her. And when she senses that her long-lost sibling is hiding something, the reporter calls on the news crew to delve into Maj's troubled past. It turns out that Maj has been targeted by a stalker, but is moving her into Dicte's place and getting a guard dog really the answer? Meanwhile, Tonni's harassment of Nina becomes increasingly personal, and Torsten gives Anne an ultimatum.