A STOP notice was issued on a development of more than 200 homes on the former British Oxygen site on the edge of Chester-le-Street.

The 28-day notice was issued by Durham County Council because of several issues relating to dust.

People who live near the Avant Homes site have voiced concerns about the impact dust from the former industrial plant is having.

June Thurgood, who lives close to the development, has hired a surveyor to assess potential damage to her home and is seeking legal advice.

She said: “There are problems with dust from the building site. Lots of people say they are affected. We have told the council about our concerns.

“We are hoping that the issue will be addressed now there has been a stop notice. I have monitored the dust and kept records of the problems.”

Avant Homes is building 230 houses on the former British Oxygen site on the edge of Chester-le-Street.

Last April, plans for 203 homes on the brownfield land were approved by Durham County Council and, in May this year, the developer was granted planning permission to amend the plans, so a further 27 homes can be built.

The council confirmed that four letters of complaint had been received in connection with the site.

A stop notice was issued on July 14, for a maximum of 28 days.

Stephen Reed, Durham County Council’s planning development manager, said: “We have served a temporary stop notice on this development requiring the company involved to address a number of issues before work can resume.”

The council confirmed that the issues all related to dust in terms of creation, monitoring, management and suppression and how they can be addressed.

The spokesman said: “Work can restart once the notice expires at which point monitoring will commence.”

Avant Homes has worked with the county council and installed specialist equipment to monitor levels of dust to ensure the levels are within acceptable limits.

The council spokesman said: “Dust monitors have been installed at the site.”

Four formal complaints have been received by the council.

Avant Homes confirmed it is working with the council.