RESIDENTS, traders, schools and community organisations are being urged to support a drive by Darlington Borough Council to cut the amount of plastic they use.

Councillor Anne-Marie Curry’s motion to end the unnecessary use of single use plastic by the council and to encourage businesses contracted to the authority, residents and organisations in Darlington “to go plastic-free” has been backed by members of the council.

She said the drive aimed to cut street litter and contribute towards a global campaign to reduce marine pollution.

Councillor Nick Wallis said the motion had been helpful in prompting the authority to consider what it could do to help avert the damage of plastic to wildlife, it had already been taking action by reducing plastic in its food and drink services.

He said the council would show leadership in cutting the use of plastic, in an effort to get the community to follow suit. Cllr Wallis said: “We know there is over eight million tonnes of plastic which is put into the ocean every year. I think we all saw The Blue Planet and the shocking scenes.”