A MOVE to deter modern slavery and enshrine it as a key consideration for a council and its partner organisations has been approved amid angry scenes.

Members of Darlington Borough Council voted for Councillor Marjory Knowles’ motion, which aims to help root out and prevent vulnerable people being targeted.

Cllr Knowles told a full meeting of the authority it had an important role to play in ensuring its contracts did not contribute to modern slavery.

Some opposition councillors said while they supported the sentiment, the motion appeared to stand outside the law, that it would do little to fight modern slavery, and that it simply replicated the charter of the Cooperative Party.

Councillor Stephen Harker replied the motion would not have been presented to council if there were legal concerns. He said: “I am absolutely appalled. I cannot understand how anyone on the opposite side can say they are against modern slavery, but they won’t support this.”