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Keeping Faith (BBC1, 9pm)

It may be new to a lot of viewers, but the drama series Keeping Faith has already broken records.

When it aired on BBC Wales earlier this year, it became the most-watched non-network drama in Wales for more than 20 years. It fared even better on iPlayer, where it received over 9.5 million requests to view the series - the highest number ever for any non-networked show. So, it's little wonder that the BBC has decided that the rest of the UK should get a chance to catch up.

Keeping Faith's success may have come as a surprise to some TV bosses, but it seems that actress Eve Myles always believed it was something special - she even learned a new language to star in it.

The drama is a co-production with the channel S4C, which meant it was filmed in both English and Welsh. Eve, whose credits include Torchwood, Broadchurch and the recent A Very English Scandal, told Digital Spy that when she was offered the lead role of Faith, her reaction was: "'It would be lovely, but I don't speak Welsh.' [Director Pip Broughton] said, 'Well, would you mind [learning]?'"

It might seem like a big ask, but it came at the perfect time for Eve who, by her own admission, was starting to feel disillusioned with acting.

She said to Digital Spy: "I was finding it all a little same-y. I thought, 'Maybe I need a change.' So, I considered [quitting]. I'm the type of character who likes to be challenged, and I wasn't being challenged. Then this came through, and I thought, 'What bigger challenge would I have?'"

Luckily, she rose to it. The Welsh-language version of the drama, titled Un Bore Mercher, aired on S4C before Keeping Faith became a hit for the BBC, and a second series is already in the offing.

But first, it's time for the rest of the UK to find out what they've been missing out on, a prospect that is definitely exciting for Nick Andrews, Head of Commissioning for BBC Wales, who says: "This series has been a real gem from start to finish - and it's testament to the strength of drama coming out of Wales right now.

"I'm so proud that audiences across the UK will now get to enjoy everything Keeping Faith has to offer."

It centres on Faith Howells (Myles), a lawyer, wife and mother who is forced to cut short her extended maternity leave when her husband and business partner Evan (Bradley Freegard) leaves for work one day - and then simply disappears.

Faith returns to duty to defend a hopeless vagrant Arthur (Alex Harries) on a shoplifting charge, while also trying to find out what has happened to Evan.

But as she searches for clues, she uncovers some surprising details about Evan's private life, and is left asking herself just how well she really knows her husband and her apparently idyllic hometown.

Trump & Britain: Love or Loathing? Tonight (ITV, 7.30pm)

Donald Trump is about to make his first official visit to the UK as President, and it's been predicted he'll be greeted by thousands of protestors - there's even been reports that a specially designed orange inflatable will be flown over London to mark the occasion. But will his reception really be as hostile as some sections of the media are predicting? Tonight looks at what we can expect from the US leader's visit, and hears from a varied group of public figures, including Lord Sugar, Nigel Farage, Germaine Greer and Alex Salmond, to find out what they think about the trip. Martin Geissler will also ask what the visit says about the state of the so-called 'special relationship' and what it will mean for Britain's future dealings with the controversial President.

Eat Well for Less? (BBC1, 8pm)

New series. Gregg Wallace and Chris Bavin help the Atkinson family from Blackpool lower their food bill. Michelle and John lives with Gary (22), Liam (19) and Kyle (7), and despite working 50 hours a week, feeding the family has fallen to mum Michelle. However, the two oldest lads earn their own money and prefer to buy takeaways - despite having a fridge full of food. Can the presenters get the family to cut down on the fast food and help work together more at mealtimes?

The Game Show Serial Killer: Police Tapes (ITV, 9pm)

Susanna Reid tells the story of the search for Pembrokeshire serial killer John Cooper, who murdered four people in Wales between 1985 and 1989, but avoided capture for more than 20 years - until the combination of a new detective team, advances in forensic science finally brought him to justice in 2011. His crimes began in 1985, when he shot a brother and sister at their farm near Milford Haven. Four years later, he killed a couple as they walked along a coastal path. However, it would be his 1989 appearance the TV game show Bullseye that would eventually prove his undoing.