POLICE held a series of speed checks in Weardale after repeatedly hearing the public raise concerns about road safety during the summer.

Weardale Neighbourhood Policing Team was joined by officers from the force's motorbike section and Mini Police from Wolsingham Primary School for Operation Bramble, a speed and casualty reduction operation, on Sunday.

A spokesperson for Crook police said: "In recent years the residents of Weardale have raised concerns about speeding vehicles, in particular motorcycles, during the summer months.

"From a casualty reduction perspective, we are aware that motorcycle riders are more likely to be fatally injured on roads due to the speeds that can be reached as well as the driving behaviour of some motorists.

"A high volume of vehicles passed through speed checkpoints and thankfully it was only a very minor percentage of drivers and motorcycle riders who chose to exceed speed limits."

The speed camera van was deployed at three sites and at Ireshopeburn clocked 21 vehicles breaking the 30mph limit, including three motorcycles.

At Stanhope four offences were detected including one motorcycle exceeding the 40mph limit and in Wolsingham two motorists were above the 60mph limit, neither of them on a bike.

Community Speedwatch operations were held in areas with a 30mph limit.

No offences were detected in the Upper Dale, whilst there were four in checkpoints at Frosterley, Wolsingham and Stanhope where one was a motorbike.