Picnic at Hanging Rock (BBC Two, 9pm)

Can an eight-part TV version of Joan Lindsay's classic novel outshine the much-admired film version?

Those who have seen director Peter Weir's haunting movie would probably answer in the negative, but in recent years, the small screen has come to rival its bigger cousin for quality, so we may be onto a winner.

In recent times, the likes of Big Little Lies, The Handmaid's Tale, Top of the Lake and Sky's latest series, Sharp Objects, have gone some way to boost the number of leading roles for women, and Picnic at Hanging Rock certainly lends a hand too - it's dominated by strong females.

When the book was published back in 1967, it was hugely acclaimed and quickly became known as one of the greatest entries in Australian literature, but its origins have puzzled readers ever since.

Some are utterly convinced it's based on a true story, while Lindsay herself did little to persuade people one way or the other. However, her housekeeper later claimed her employer had dreamt the basic idea.

A 2017 article from the Australian magazine The Age stated, "The dream had centred on a summer picnic at a place called Hanging Rock, which Joan knew well from her childhood holidays.

"Joan told Rae (her housekeeper) that the dream had felt so real that when she awoke at 7.30am, she could still feel the hot summer breeze blowing through the gum trees and she could still hear the peals of laughter and conversation of the people she'd imagined, and their gaiety and lightness of spirit."

All this mystery merely adds to the tale's appeal.

The film starred Rachel Roberts, while Vivean Gray - instantly recognisable to Neighbours fans for her subsequent role as battleaxe Mrs Mangel - had a small role, as did Oscar-nominated actress Jacki Weaver.

This time around it's Game of Thrones and The Hunger Games star Natalie Dormer who takes the lead role of widowed headmistress Hester Appleyard, who arrives in Australia as the tale begins.

"I'm excited that the BBC Two is bringing this magical reimagining of an Australian classic to the UK audience," says Dormer. "It's a collaboration of which I'm very proud to be a part."

Sue Deeks, the BBC's head of programme acquisition, adds: "This stylistically bold and atmospheric take on Picnic At Hanging Rock - led by one of Britain's most exciting actors, Natalie Dormer - will be irresistible both to fans of the classic novel and to those coming to this mysterious story for the first time."

Ms Appleyard's reasons for moving to the other side of the world are shrouded in mystery, but in just six years, she manages to turn her self-named college into a leading educational establishment attended by bright girls from well-to-do families.

It's situated in an isolated mansion in the bush, close to the local beauty spot of Hanging Rock.

As a treat, several teachers take their star pupils for a picnic there on St Valentine's Day in 1900, where something unthinkable occurs...

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