OUR guide to today's top telly...

The Hotel Inspector (Channel 5, 9pm)

Ten years after first stepping into the role of the Hotel Inspector and travelling the country visiting struggling hotels and B&Bs to pull them up by their bootstraps, Alex Polizzi receives perhaps her most heartfelt plea to date. It comes from Nina Bartlett, the owner of The Grove Arms in Ludwell, Wiltshire. Three years ago, Nina gave in her high-flying legal career in London to pursue her dream of returning to leafy Wiltshire and running a dog-friendly pub in a village, choosing Ludwell in part because of its local independent shops and pleasant, sleepy surroundings.

She feels as though her establishment has become integral to the community, with a wealth of locals taking advantage of the relaxed atmosphere and the fact they can bring their four-legged friends in while they enjoy a pint or a meal. She also attracts trade from travellers, and in the past year has enjoyed what appears to be a quite healthy turnover. However, despite these positive signs, the Grove is actually running at a loss - while Nina is at a loss herself, having tried and failed to reverse its fortunes.

Alex is shocked on arrival, seeing something in one of the rooms which she describes as a "first" - and also finding the rooms themselves to be somewhat underwhelming. Nina does admit that she has a hard time trusting in her own staff to do their jobs right, and as a consequence takes control of most tasks, including turning down the rooms, herself. This, however, has left her utterly exhausted and on the brink of burning out.

Alex clearly has her work cut out, but she does have a plan. She starts by bringing Nina back to "page one of the Hospitality Manual", making sure she has a grasp on the absolute basics. Nina starts well, and Alex seems pleased with her progress - but can she muster the energy to see it through on top of her other daily duties? It becomes clear that Nina needs to trust in her team, however first she must take control of them. Alex tasks her with putting a mission plan in place, before holding her first-ever team meeting.

Alex's assistance goes beyond mere advice, however - she has also created a dog-themed plan to put the Grove back on the map. Whatever this scheme is, here's hoping it's not barking mad, because the Grove actually looks here to be a rather nice place. It would be a shame if it didn't live up to its full potential, because the building and village are delightful.

In a bid to help it on its way, Alex arranges for a mystery guest to arrive for a visit, someone who has the power to make or break the Grove's future - and with it, Nina's dreams. Can Nina sort out her rooms, rally her troops, hitch up her standards and take all of Alex's advice on board before they arrive?

Ackley Bridge (C4, 8pm)

Poor Missy (the excellent Poppy Lee Friar) is all in a tizz this week, after Aaron unadvisedly confesses his love for her. She's never had a serious relationship before, so she reacts by freaking out. Who'd be a teenager again, eh? By now already harbouring deep suspicions about boys, Missy's feelings are compounded when messages spread around school concerning Riz and Hayley's sexual relationship. Hayley is humiliated, but it's Missy who really takes the whole thing to heart, becoming disappointed when Hayley quickly decides to forgive and forget. Mandy (the ever-reliable Jo Joyner) is less quick to let it go, however, and calls Sadiq (Adil Ray) and his wife in to discuss Riz's behaviour - albeit reluctantly.

The Rise and Fall of Nokia (BBC4, 9pm)

In its pomp, the Finnish company Nokia not only made the world's best and most innovative mobile phones, it also boasted an annual budget larger than that of the Government of Finland - and everyone who worked for the company got to share in the windfall. Yet in 2016, phone production in Finland ceased. This documentary explores Nokia's story, asking if global domination hampered the company's original pioneering spirit, and hears from some of the people who experienced the rise and fall first hand.

Horizon: How to Build a Time Machine (BBC2, 9pm)

Time travel is not forbidden by the laws of nature - but to build a time machine, experts need to understand more about those laws and how to subvert them. Cameras follow scientists, including Professors Ron Mallet and Tamara Davies, who are working on the cutting edge of discovery - men and women who may discover how to build wormholes, manipulate entangled photons or build fully functioning time crystals. In short, enable an engineer of the future to build a machine that allows people to travel back and forward in time.