A TASER was used to tackle and arrest a man by police officers who came under attack while dealing with a 999 call.

Officers were called to reports of a disturbance in the Middlestone Moor area of Spennymoor, County Durham, and when they arrived at the scene officers were targeted.

Their vehicle was also damaged.

The incident came during a busy Saturday for emergency services in the town due to the annual gala, crowds out for the World Cup football and a fire at Spennymoor Cricket Club.

A spokesperson for Durham Special Constabulary said: "In one particular incident a Special Constable and PCSO colleague found themselves subject to hostility after responding to multiple 999 calls that reported a disturbance in the Middlestone Moor area.

"Upon arrival, officers and their vehicle came under attack.

"With the assistance of other units, taser was deployed to affect the arrest of a local man."

Two other men were arrested on suspicion of criminal damage, affray and assaulting a police officer.