Q I’m worried my headaches may be a brain tumour. I’ve been to my GP and she examined me and very kindly explained about tension headaches. But I can’t stop worrying.

Matthew, 35

A I’m sorry that you’re distressed, but pleased that you went to see your GP. Headaches are very common, and sometimes disabling, however it is estimated that the average GP will see one brain tumour in their whole career, so the numbers are thankfully very small. Things to look out for are a persistent headache, especially one that wakes you from sleep, a sudden change in personality or a definite loss of control of a limb. For the majority these are not subtle and hence any suspected brain tumour is quickly investigated.

However if you are suffering with health anxiety, repeated tests can often make this worse rather than providing reassurance, and it may be that you need to have some time with a trained counsellor to discuss these feelings.

Q What are your views on cosmetic surgery abroad? I’m thinking of having a breast enlargement but don’t want to pay the prices here.

Louise, 25

A You could probably write a whole article on this subject itself. In brief, you first need to be sure that you want to undergo what many would see as a “non-essential” operation, but where there are the risks of the anaesthetic and surgical procedure. Will a breast augmentation actually make you happier? If you want to go ahead, you need to research any provider and see what the standard of their facility is. I would also want to find out if the surgeon is a specialist in this procedure. You may struggle to do this satisfactorily if the clinic is abroad. You should also bear in mind that any potential complications are likely to arise after you return home and would then need to be sorted out by another surgeon.

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