TODAY'S TV highlights..

Our Girl (BBC1, 9.10pm)

Bones may still be the relative new boy in 2-Section, but if things had worked out differently, the actor who plays him, Olly Rix, could have been in Our Girl since the beginning.

The actor explains: "Years ago I actually auditioned for [the role of] Captain James and met Lacey Turner a couple of times to read various scenes. Ben Aldridge of course, was a much better choice and the rest is history."

He adds: "It was lovely to have a chance to come into the show in a different capacity and be involved. The entire team were lovely and I hope this season lives up to expectations."

But while it may be great for Olly to be in the Our Girl fold, on-screen it could be a very different story. As regular viewers will know, Bones didn't get off to the best start with his new comrades, and in this episode he's been put in charge, leaving the rest of the team struggling to live up to his expectations.

Olly can understand why the rest of 2-Section have their reservations, but thinks Bones may eventually be able to win them round. He says: "He's a tricky kind of guy. He's abrasive, brash and yet highly competent as a soldier. He's somewhat arrogant and intolerant of what he sees as pointless bureaucracy or anything that prevents him from doing his job.

"Ultimately, for all his naughtiness, he's a decent man with a healthy disrespect for authority; he's extremely focused on his missions and bailing out 2-Section every five minutes."

It seems he may even get Georgie (Michelle Keegan) on side: "They have a turbulent friendship. But one that I think becomes mutually, albeit grudgingly, respectful in the end.

"They do a lot to test one another - Georgie does things that endanger others and compromises missions, and Bones definitely isn't a fan of that. However, on a deeper and more interesting level, there's a maverick element about Georgie that is driven by quite a restless desire to help others. Bones has exactly the same streak and so I think he quietly finds it very admirable."

However, the chances of them getting on this week seem slim, as Bones sets about whipping 2-Section into shape, which involves threatening to send a member of the team home and bringing in a new medic Ruby (Patrick McNamee), which threatens Georgie's position.

When they are not dealing with internal strife, they are working in refugee camps set up by Barsha Chowdhrey (Farzana Dua Elahe), the wife of the local police chief, to deal with the influx of people from Myanmar.

Inspector Chowdhrey (Navin Chowdhry) is known for his tough stance on corruption in the area, so when Bones spots a suspect package which has been placed underneath his chair during a gala, the soldier leaps into action.

Is Bones about to foil an assassination attempt and in the process finally win over his more sceptical colleagues, or has he misjudged the situation?

Ackley Bridge (C4, 8pm)

Nas is an intelligent girl. However, she shows her naivety as she experiences the pitfalls of online dating in the latest episode of the school-set drama. Desperate to find a girlfriend, Nas downloads a dating app and, after fending off a series of unsuitable women, eventually falls for a beautiful young girl called Sameera. However, she is not who she first appears, and Missy soon discovers that Sameera is in fact Kaneez catfishing Nas as a way of reconnecting with her daughter. Meanwhile, Steve is desperate for something good to finally happen to the Wilsons and he invites a rugby scout to watch Cory play. But tensions run high, and Steve and Kevin Wilson come to blows at the match. Finally, the usually fun-loving Emma continues to reel from recent tragic events, as do some of her students.

The Dog Rescuers with Alan Davies (C5, 8pm)

Inspector Anthony Joynes comes to the aid of a rotund Rottweiler that has been cooped up indoors by owners who have a ban on keeping animals. An elderly Akita named Bear is signed over to the charity when its owner sees she's starting to struggle with the stairs to his flat, and Angellica Bell discovers what rescue dogs are capable of when she's introduced to the team at Medical Detection Dogs, who have been successfully training man's best friend to sniff out diseases such as cancer and malaria.

Bride & Prejudice (Channel 4, 9pm)

The last episode of this frequently thought-provoking series features 37-year-old Elaine from Warrenpoint, Northern Ireland, and her 20-year-old boyfriend Shane who are hoping that an engagement party will help to overcome her family's objections to their age gap. In south London, Junior, who was raised in a devout Christian family, wants to get his dad's blessing before he converts to Islam in order to marry his girlfriend, and Aldershot couple Chloe and Jack have finally got her mum on board for their wedding, but will old tensions resurface on the big day?