A CITY’S deputy mayor may have to rely on getting the bus to official events unless councillors agree to a change in rules.

Councillor Jean Chaplow, who became the deputy mayor of Durham earlier this month, does not drive and relies on the bus to get around.

Although a civic car is made available to the mayor, the deputy is expected to handle their own transport.

The councillor, who lives in Esh Winning, said the situation was worrying because the bus service was not very reliable.

She said: “There’s a precedent that the deputy mayor had to get herself to events.

“Well I don’t drive so it was going to have to be the bus for me, which is not very reliable, so it was rather worrying that I was going to need it.”

The Charter Trustees for the City of Durham is considering changing its rules to allow the civic car to be available to the deputy mayor as well as the mayor.

The issue was raised at a recent meeting of the trustees by cllr John Turnbull.

He said: “I’m concerned the deputy mayor has been told she has got to get the bus [to official events].

“I think that’s wrong and it needs to be looked at.”

Transport was not as issue for previous deputy mayor Coun Katie Corrigan, who became this year’s vice chairman of the council in May, as she owned a car.

Councillors agreed to consider making a decision at a later meeting.