A FOOTBALL programme in Mozambique to coincide with the Fifa World Cup aims to motivate and educate children in one of the world's poorest counties.

The project has been supported by organisations and residents in the region, including the donation and delivery of 150 footballs.

The Inclusive World Cup, organised by Favela United, a non-profit organisation based in the Netherlands, aims to teach life skills including hygiene and rejecting violence alongside the fun of sport.

Sarah Wilkin, originally from Knayton, near Thirsk, now working in Amsterdam, is involved in the project.

She said: "I work for Student Hotel in Amsterdam, and my boss asked me if I would help the project supporting Favela United.

"Park Social Soccer Company has donated 150 footballs and my dad collected 20 balls from the company in Hull and I have flown them back to Netherlands where they will be taken to Mozambique.

"P&O Ferries North have pledged to take the remaining 130 balls to Rotterdam and the Dutch embassy will send them on to Mozambique. I really love the idea of people and companies in Yorkshire rallying to help and support those who need it."

Visit www.favela-united.com.