COUNCILLORS have paved the way for an order to manage traffic around the Kynren site to be made permanent.

Durham County Council's highways committee discussed measures introduced to the highway network surrounding the Eleven Arches site, near Bishop Auckland, and if they should be made permanent at their latest meeting on Monday.

Eleven Arches launched the open-air live show in 2016. It runs on most weekends between July and September.

In line with planning conditions, the charity submitted a traffic management plan to manage to maintain road safety and minimise congestion as up to 8,000 people attend each show.

An Experimental Traffic Regulation Order (ETRO) was introduced in June 2016 with the council running a public consultation alongside it.

Elements of the order included closing the A689 between 10pm and midnight each show night, imposing a 40mph speed restriction and closing parts of two public footpaths.

Two objections were made and councillors amended two of the recommendations when they considered it in July 2017, meaning it could not be made permanent at that point.

Another consultation was then held in January of this year, with one objection being received.

The objector raised concerns about noise and 'other pollutants' from the site which they argued had a detrimental impact on the health of nearby residents.

They also felt emergency vehicles could be delayed if they had to use the diversion route when the A689 is closed.

However, in his report, the council's corporate director of regeneration and local services, Ian Thompson, said emergency vehicles are exempt from the ETRO and general delays form the diversion were "not considered likely".

No objections to the latest order were raised by consultees, including Durham County Councillors for Bishop Auckland Town, Sam Zair and Joy Allen.

Councillors voted in favour of Mr Thompson's recommendation to set aside all objections and endorse the order.

The final decision will be made by the corporate director in the coming days with the council confirming he is minded to approve the newest order.