CHILDREN from Durham and Russia have been exploring each other’s cultures.

Youngsters from St Petersburg and Moscow spent a week in Durham with their counterparts from Bow School, which included a ‘Mini World Cup’ ahead of the real thing in Russia this summer.

During their stay the 25 Russian children, aged between 8 and 11, took part in lessons and activities at the school in South Road, while Russian teachers delivered a folk workshop, teaching dances, songs and ancient games from the country.

Sally Harrod, Headteacher of Bow, Durham School, said: “The children had an amazing and enriching week.

“They made some fantastic friendships and were able to find out about the Russian culture through real-life and first-hand experience.

“It was very interesting for our pupils to find out more about what school is like in Russia and they picked up some of the Russian language during the week, which they demonstrated wonderfully in the assemblies.”

The visit was organised by Most Education, the North-East hub for intercultural relations and educational opportunities.

Most Education founder, Lana Briton said: “This project was specially designed to give our young primary children a personal experience and the confidence to work in international context by developing interpersonal and communicational skills from earlier ages.

“We are keen to further promote the North East of England to a worldwide audience for future tourism and educational opportunities.”

Agata Mukhina, a pupil from St.Petersburg, said: “It was a magic time. I never realised that English children and teachers are so kind and friendly to us.”

The children will be keeping in touch via letter.