A FAMILY had quite a surprise when they were unpacking after returning home from a dream Disney holiday - when a tree frog leapt out of their swimming shorts as they opened the suitcase!

The Woods family, from Holystone, North Tyneside, had been on a dream holiday to Disney in Florida.

When they returned home on May 1 they set about unpacking but had quite the fright when they opened up the suitcase and a little frog hopped out.

Dad Martin said: “My wife was in hysterics when the frog jumped out of the suitcase!

“The children were amazed by it - you just don’t expect a stowaway to come out of your suitcase in the form of a frog!”

Martin, Ruby and and their three children, Harry, eight, Oscar, six, and Rory, three, had been staying at the Animal Kingdom Lodge at Walt Disney World - an African-themed resort and zoo which is home to hundreds of animals and birds.

“One of them obviously decided he fancied a little trip to the UK!” Martin added. “It’s amazing that he survived the eight-hour flight.”

The family think the little frog must have got caught up in the swimming trunks when they were hanging out to dry.

The Woods family managed to confine the tiny frog - about the size of a ping pong ball - in a bowl with some water and called the RSPCA.

Animal collection officer (ACO) Heather Barbour went to collect the little frog from the family home and took it to a specialist vet.

“The stowaway tree frog has been checked over by a vet and given a clean bill of health,” ACO Barbour said.