A TEENAGER accused of conspiring to kill students and teachers carried out dozens of internet searches on school shootings, bomb-making, Nazism, guns and other violent content, even after being spoken to by police, a court heard yesterday.

Prosecutors in the trial of two boys accused of planning to carry out a massacre at a school in Northallerton yesterday began summing up their evidence at Leeds Crown Court. The court heard how the two boys, then aged 14, accessed violent and illegal content on the internet in the six months before they were arrested on October 28 last year.

On March 3 last year the older boy uploaded a video to his YouTube channel, which glorified the Columbine killers Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold and included CCTV images from inside the school during the shooting. He also began researching Nazism and school shootings, the court was told.

The following month the older boy set up an Instagram account to mock some teachers at the school in Northallerton by superimposing their heads on to images of Nazis and posting other offensive images and remarks. It was reported to police, who imposed a Community Restorative Disposal and he was suspended from school for several days.

He carried out dozens of searches on the Columbine shooters.

Analysis of his search history by the North East Counter Terrorism Unit, which was presented to the jury on Wednesday, established he had accessed dozens of sites about school shootings, Nazism, weapons and bomb-making over several months.

The younger teenager also researched online information on making improved explosives and school shootings. In May both boys downloaded a bomb-making manual on to their phones.

Prosecutor, Paul Greaney, told the court, the younger of the two boys exchanged a series of messages with another teenager, with a list of names of people they intended to kill. The following day he sent a message via Snapchat to the older boy, urging him to wear his trench coat the following day to scare people. He also messaged his mother, asking if she would buy him a leather trench coat.

Both boys deny conspiring to murder teachers and students and the trial continues.