PLANS to build even more homes in part of Middlesbrough have been approved – despite fears it will make the notorious 'Marton Crawl' even worse.

Councillors agreed the controversial plans at a Middlesbrough council meeting after it was deferred from an eventful meeting last week, when the chair appeared to postpone the decision after just four councillors put their hands up in favour.

Developers want to build an extra 116 homes on the Grey Towers housing estate in Nunthorpe.

That would take the number of houses there to 411. They will be mostly four and five bedroom executive homes for company directors or chief executives, to rival those on Wynyard.

Councillors approved the plan yesterday, with just two of the planning committee voting against it.

Angry members of the public later said the decision was 'a farce' after last week's meeting.

Chair Margaret Walters took the vote and after just four hands went up in favour, she appeared to defer the decision, sending the meeting into confusion and chaos.

She offered no explanation for her deferment during yesterday's meeting, although independent councillor Jon Rathmell asked if the 'Labour whip' was in force, to which the answer was no.

Objectors raised concerns about extra traffic, school spaces and medical care.