TAXI drivers beeped their horns in tribute to a much-loved driver who died recently.

Several cars were seen in Darlington’s market square on Tuesday honouring the veteran driver known to the community as ‘Blod’.

Anthony Wheelhouse had worked as a cabbie for over 20 years and was working for Darlington taxi firm 1ab when he passed away on April 24.

The mourning drivers drove around Mr Wheelhouse’s favourite pubs in respect, before meeting for a drink in honour of the cabbie.

A fellow driver said: “We did it in tribute as it was the funeral of a taxi driver. I didn’t know him personally, but I know he was popular and liked by everyone in the community.”

Mr Wheelhouse who was aged 50, died unexpectedly in his sleep after suffering from a heart attack .

Murice Clarkson who works as a call operator at 1ab taxis said: "Blod was a very well-known and well-liked driver in Darlington, it was a fellow taxi driver’s idea to do the tribute. He was an old school driver and his death came as a shock to everyone”