EVERY Monday we profile a member of The Northern Echo Camera Club and publish their favourite images. This week Chris White, from Darlington

The Northern Echo: PENCILS: Reflective colours

Who or what inspired you to take up photography?

I RETIRED early from work and needed a hobby to get me outside and do something with my spare time.

What was your first camera?


What do you most enjoy photographing?

WILDLIFE and nature in general. Simply there is so much to photograph across all the seasons, and it can be so unpredictable, frustrating and yet very rewarding when it all comes together.

Your favourite picture?

THE puffin from the Farne Islands. I spent hours waiting to get a bird with a mouthful of food as they were being continually mobbed by gulls.

Your go-to kit at the moment?

I MAINLY use Canon 7D Mkii with Canon 100-400 lens.

Do you spend much time in post-production and what software do you use?

I TEND to use Photoshop occasionally but only the basic functions.

Advice for budding photographers?

JUST enjoy whatever you are trying to photograph, don’t worry too much about the kit you have, and always have a camera with you – you never know!