IRATE householders have called for a ban on anti-fracking protest camps near their homes saying they have had enough of the intolerable disruption.

Community campaigners who formed Ryedale Against Anti-Social Protesters handed over a petition with 650 signatures to Thirsk and Malton MP Kevin Hollinrake supporting their demands. The petition calls on authorities to evict the protest camps outside the Third Energy well site near Kirby Misperton where tests were due to be carried out, and ensure no new ones are established in the future.

One of the petition organisers Nick Hardman said although a larger camp has closed the protestors have vowed to return.

He added: "Just because they are packing up to leave, it doesn't mean they won't be back. We've already seen that they're only too willing to trespass on land that doesn't belong to them and to engage in forms of protest that only serve to cause disruption to local residents. Our voices deserve to be heard.

"Local officials need to recognise the intolerable disruption, stress and community division these camps and their residents unfairly place on local people and do more to rid them from the area and to stop them coming back."

Fellow group member Bob Batty said: "The small minority of extremist protesters have consistently tried to drown us out with near professional use of local, national and social media, so far, it's worked. They appear to be backed by well-funded national political and none political groups. We are just a group of locals without any financial backing.

“We were delighted to be able to present our MP with a 650-strong petition to highlight the strength of feeling. We cannot imagine anyone wanting a repeat of the very disruptive events of the past year and we are working towards protecting our community for the future."

Mr Hollinrake said he had been aware of the concerns of local people. "I respect the right to protest peacefully but it is when these protests cross over a line. There is no doubt talking to these people today that they have felt intimidated. I think the agencies could be more closely coordinated, and I will be talking with them.

"Clearly some of these incidents have been matters which are in breach of the law."

Over the past year dozens of extra police have been drafted in to oversee the site with protestors slow walking along and obstructing the road. They dismantled part of their site after Third energy moved equipment when a financial review was ordered into the drilling. Mr Hollinrake said he is continuing to work with Police and Crime Commissioner Julia Mulligan for the £700,000 extra costs to police the protest to be paid from central funds.