A WEEKEND of world and UK premieres will put the North East in the spotlight as the Newcastle International Film Festival opens its doors.

Until Easter Sunday, 1 April, the city will become a haven for film buffs as fans flock to dozens of world and UK premieres.

The inaugural festival will feature a number of events at venues across Newcastle city centre, with 40 movie screenings, 140 shorts, master classes, Q and A sessions and the first-ever Victorem awards ceremony.

Ardent fans can enjoy more movies for their money by purchasing a multi pass, which will give access to up to 10 screenings and works out at about £3 per film, while tickets to individual shows are also available.

The weekend will showcase the work of filmmakers from 83 countries, and will include several world and UK premieres.

Tickets for all screenings including world and UK premiers, along with multi pass tickets, are available to buy now at www.eventibrite.co.uk