ELDERLY patients with mental health issues have been transferred to another hospital unit after a number of safety defects were discovered in a purpose-built hospital in Middlesbrough.

The decision was made after the Tees Valley Health Scrutiny Joint Committee was made aware of a number of serious construction defects in Roseberry Park, which is part of Tees, Esk and Wear Valleys NHS Foundation Trust.

Members were very concerned that fire safety issues are included in the construction defects.

Patients have already been transferred to Sandwell Park Hospital in Hartlepool as a safety measure.

And members have been assured by the Trust that this move was handled sensitively with as little disruption as possible to patients, their families and staff.

Councillor Wendy Newall, committee chairman, said: “We are very concerned that the defects with this building have had an impact on vulnerable patients, their families and staff and we will be asking the Trust for regular updates so that we can carefully monitor the progress being made to rectify the defects and seek reassurance with potential costs to the Trust, minimum disruption to staff and importantly the ongoing effect on patients.”