A CHARITY is set to launch a new project aimed at engaging local young people in staging arts events in their own communities.

East Durham Trust (EDT), supported by County Durham Community Foundation, say they are looking to put an end young people suggesting that there was a lack of local events and that the only way to engage in arts activity was to travel outside of the area.

Known as No More Nowt Happens, the project will involve young people planning and staging events in local venues such as community centres over the next year.

Trust chief executive Malcolm Fallow said: “We are looking to recruit a team of local young people who are prepared to get involved in staging events, whether it is an arts exhibition or a music gig, we want to see things happening that would normally be staged in our own backyard.”

The project will be launched at an arts showcase event in Shotton Community Centre at 1.15pm on Wednesday.

Margaret Vaughan of the County Durham Community Foundation, who have provided funding for the project , said: “We are delighted to support a project that will hopefully ensure that young people can make a positive contribution to their own community and no doubt have a great time in the process.”