A FORMER psychologist’s debut novel explores how even seemingly normal people can be drawn into dark deeds.

Deborah Oxberry had dreamed of writing a book since she was a child but it took a spell of ill health for her to finally write down the stories she had been conjuring up for years.

Mrs Oxberry, 55, suffers from osteoarthritis but last year she developed rheumatoid arthritis, and was in so much pain she could not leave the house.

It was a difficult time but it provided her with an opportunity to embrace her passion for creative writing, and two months later her first novel, Hurt and Revenge, was published.

The book focuses on two couples whose normal lives are thrown into chaos, prompting actions they never knew they were capable of.

The tag line states: “When a wounded animal is cornered, it attacks anything it sees as a threat.”

Mrs Oxberry, a former psychologist who now writes technical bids and tenders, said: “It was an amazing feeling when I received my first copy in the post. I’m not usually an emotional person but my hands were shaking. It’s a great feeling.

“The response to the book has been really encouraging. My friends and family have been very supportive and I have had five star reviews on Amazon.

“This is something I have wanted to do since I was a little girl and I’m so happy to have finally done it.”

Hurt and Revenge is available to buy on Amazon priced at £5.99.

To find out more about Mrs Oxberry, visit deborahoxberry.com