I TOTALLY agree with the comments of G Williams regarding Darlington (HAS, Mar 10). It was only that week I sent a letter to Darlington Borough Council’s leader regarding the state of the grass verges.

I have worked away most of my career and since retiring have driven around in the same way as Mr Williams. My comment on Darlington is it is about the worst place for rubbish and the condition in general is not satisfactory for the amount of rates we are forced to pay.

Regarding litter, yes, it is the minority of Darlington people who have no self-respect. They must like to live in a scruffy town. It only takes a few minutes to clean one’s front.

I am out dog walking most days and come back with a poo bag and also a carrier bag full of plastic bottles and cans.

Some Darlington people need some education on self-respect.

Stan Wilby, Darlington