A ROAD has been closed after a huge pothole appeared, leaving a number of motorists with burst tyres.

The top of Dixon’s Bank in Nunthorpe was shut overnight and remains so after the large pothole caused problems for drivers.

Driver Aaron Clarke told The Northern Echo: "I was on my way home from work and noticed it and went round it, then my dad got home later on and said he had hit a pothole near Nunthorpe and he had a flat tyre.

"I said I know exactly which one so I went and took some photos for him to make his claim.

"He has paid out £200 today to have his tyres replaced as it's damaged the front and back tyre.

"Hes going on holiday on Friday so that's a large amount of money to pay out unplanned. Hopefully Middlesbrough council accept his claim."

Another driver posted: “I’m more mad that this could (have) been prevented and I had young children in the car. Can you claim for shock?”

"My daughter's partner hit it & his tyre blew. Have put a claim in," wrote another.

"My car got damaged and the claim will be going in as I’m not happy as we only bought the tyre two weeks ago. I’m fuming to say the least," wrote another driver.

A spokesman for Middlesbrough Council said the authority had hoped to have the road open by midday on Tuesday, but a further statement was sent out around 2.30pm.

"The closure of a key Middlesbrough road has been extended to allow for the completion of urgent repairs," he said.

"The southbound carriageway on Dixons Bank (A172) at the junction of Guisborough Road was subjected to a full road closure earlier today.

"Traffic is being diverted along Guisborough Road, while northbound traffic is unaffected.

"The carriageway will require longer to cure due to the volume of traffic that uses the area and to prevent the works carried out failing.

"It is hoped the road will be re-opened by 7pm today."