A CAMPAIGN to get tourism signs for Richmond and Swaledale from the new A1 motorway has been successful.

Local MP Rishi Sunak took up the issue after longstanding signs to "Richmond – Georgian Market Town" were removed from the Scotch Corner junction during the upgrading works.

Highways England initially refused to replace the signs, arguing they were not necessary and did not meet current regulations for brown tourism signs.

But Mr Sunak, supported by the leaders of North Yorkshire County and Richmondshire District councils, Carl Les and Yvonne Peacock, pressed the case at the highest levels, saying Richmond should not be placed at a disadvantage because of the upgrade.

It followed the successful campaign last year to win brown tourism signs for Wensleydale at the Leeming Bar junction.

Highways England has agreed to pay for the Scotch Corner signs after it was argued the local community had suffered because of the year-long delay to the upgrading project.

Transport Minister Jesse Norman's intervention was required because the signs did not meet the strict criteria for brown tourism signs Highways England normally adhere to.

Mr Sunak said: "It seemed grossly unfair that Richmond should lose the benefit of the tourism signage because the road had been upgraded."

Richmondshire leader Cllr Peacock said: “ I'm delighted common sense has prevailed. It is important that Richmond and Swaledale are signposted as tourism destinations so we can encourage more people to visit.”