FOUR legs good and two legs bad united for an altogether different spin on a traditional Shrove Tuesday competition in County Durham.

Dogs at Newton Aycliffe day care centre K9 Pursuits on Tuesday took part in an inaugural pancake race contest which saw them battling it out for the winning title and a bottle of Pawsecco.

Hounds were put to the test with the help of a member of staff who paired up with the pup to guide them through an obstacle course while simultaneously tossing a pancake on a frying pan.

Gill Crawford, co-owner of K9 Pursuits, said: “I thought because it’s Shrove Tuesday and everybody does pancake races why should we by any different. It was really good fun and everybody enjoyed it.”

Obstacles in the knock-out contest included a trampoline to jump on and poles to weave around.

The aim of the game was to not drop the pancake as it would get eaten by the participating dog.

Pooches which completed their heat were then treated to the dog-friendly pancake made from rice flour, egg and natural yoghurt.

Fourteen dogs between four months and seven took part and the oldest to enter the competition, Cassie, was crowned winner after battering opponents in four races.

The Darlington dog was handed a trophy while the others got certificates and a sausage pancake to take home.