COUNCILLORS are expected to move forward plans to transform the heart of Middlesbrough later this month.

Plans for the first of a series of office buildings in the town's Centre Square will be considered, which could see work start on-site this summer.

The second buildings are due for completion in the autumn of 2019, if approved.

Middlesbrough Council would move its base from the existing Civic Centre to the first of the new buildings, with the second being let to generate a commercial return for the authority.

As part of this, the Civic Centre would be demolished, creating potential for further development on the town centre site.

A further three buildings outlined for other elements of the eastern end of Centre Square will bring additional major investment to the town centre, with the creation of up to 2,000 jobs and, when fully developed, are expected generate an estimated £1 million additional annual boost to Town Hall coffers through new business rates.

At its meeting on Tuesday, February 20, the Council’s Executive will consider committing to a 35-year lease on the first two buildings, which its research has shown will generate a long-term saving compared with retaining and maintaining the existing Civic Centre.

The current building is over 50 years old and needs £6m spent on it over the next five years, rising to £20m over 35 years. A new building could save £2.2m in 35 years.