A PAIR of farming sisters have decided to keep a lamb as a pet after she was born with five legs.

She was birthed two weeks ago at Lodge House Farm, in Cornsay, near Tow Law, in County Durham, was destined for the dinner table.

But Yolanda and Angela Jewitt, who have worked the farm since they were teenage girls, fell in love with her and have called her Hope.

Yolanda Jewitt, 52, said: “She has got three perfect front legs with three shoulders. She bounces around and plays. She is like a normal sheep with an extra leg.

“At birth a lot of people would have killed it but we didn’t. We thought we would given it a chance and it is great. It gets up and runs about. It can do everything, and drinks its bottle of milk.”

Hope is now living is a barrel filled with straw in the farm’s kitchen.

Ms Jewitt said: “It is very unusual. You don’t get many sheep like this that are alive.

“It is very, very cute.”