THERESA May has sought to play down the leak of the Government's latest Brexit analysis, after a North-East MP warned a study which concluded Britain would be worse off after Brexit shows the "facts that weren't put before the British people".

The Prime Minister told the weekly meeting of Cabinet that the paper represented "initial work" by officials which had not been signed off by ministers.

She said the document had not looked at the impact on the economy if the Government achieves the sort of "bespoke" trading agreement with the EU it is seeking.

But Phil Wilson, Sedgefield MP, said the leaked 'EU Exit Analysis' reveals that under what ever Leave scenario is implemented, the UK's economy will "shrink by between two and eight per cent compared with remaining in the EU".

The leak of the economic impact analysis, which was drawn up for the Department for Exiting the EU, triggered renewed demands from opposition parties to release the full details.

The document, seen by the BuzzFeed News website, concluded economic growth would be lower under a range of potential scenarios.

Even if the UK was able to negotiate a comprehensive free trade agreement, it estimates growth would be down five per cent over the next 15 years.

That would rise to eight per cent if Britain left without a deal and was forced to fall back on World Trade Organisation (WTO) rules.

Alternatively, if the UK were to retain access to the single market through membership of the European Economic Area the loss would be just two per cent.

Mr Wilson said it was about the Government "came clean" with the British people on Brexit, and he did not believe they voted to "make themselves poorer".

"Every UK region would be effected, especially the North East because of our reliance on manufacturing, especially the auto-industry, and chemicals," he said.

"New facts are coming to light all the time - facts that weren't put before the British people during the referendum campaign.

"What ever the final deal, the British people should have the final say on what government comes up with. It's the patriotic thing to do."

However, Mrs May stressed that the document had only considered a range of "off-the-shelf" arrangements rather than the specific deal the Government is seeking to negotiate.

A No 10 spokesman said: "At the beginning of Cabinet, the Prime Minister noted media coverage of a report purporting to show the impact of Britain leaving EU.

"The PM said this was initial work, not approved by ministers which only considers off-the-shelf scenarios.

"No analysis was made of the bespoke agreement we seek as a matter of Government policy."

But as the Prime Minister headed off for a three-day trade mission to China, opposition parties said the public were "entitled to know the true cost of leaving the EU".