A GROUP of talented young artists have created a buzz for a local beekeeping association after designing a series of digital colouring-in sheets for its website.

Students from CCAD’s Green Lane campus in Middlesbrough, currently on the first year of their UAL Extended Diploma in Art and Design, were given a ‘live brief’ from Cleveland Beekeeping Association (CBA) to develop the creative drawings as part of their course.

Graham Clarke, Cleveland Beekeepers Association Officer and Web Editor, said: "It was great to see the quality of the work the students had produced and the variety of different interpretations they had put on the subject, from simple strong graphics to almost abstract designs to attempts to encapsulate some of the issues in their artwork. We look forward to displaying some of them to our members."

George Richardson, 17, from Ingleby Barwick, created artwork for the colouring sheets.

He said: “My concept for the design was to create an exciting colouring page with lots of areas of interest, and included smaller parts within it inspired by the bee hive symmetry.

“After researching pictures of bees and bee art for inspiration, I sketched rough designs until I found one that I liked and then developed the ideas further. I enjoyed actually working on my final idea on the computer using Photoshop and the new tools it provides, and it was a fun and creative project to work on."