POLICE in North Yorkshire say they're "shocked and astounded" that there has been no drop in the number of drink and drug drivers arrested over Christmas.

During December 137 drivers were arrested by officers, the same as last year, and 13 more than the year before. A third of the arrests were made after collisions, 83 were for drink driving and 54 for drug driving, 117 were men and 20 were women. The highest reading was given by a woman who was four times the legal limit and was arrested near Thirsk. She was sentenced to 16 weeks in prison suspended for two years and banned from driving for three years.

Sergeant Andy Morton of the Roads Policing Group said:“The dangers of drink and drug driving are widely known and across the Christmas period we issue numerous warnings and deterrent messages to drivers, to both highlight the dangers and make them well aware that police are patrolling the roads. That’s why it is both shocking and astounding to see that some still choose to ignore the warnings, risking arrest and prosecution and the safety of themselves and other road users."