A FORMER lorry driver to a controversial fracking site helped hold up a convoy for almost four hours.

Fracking trucks were refused entrance to the Kirby Misperton site after campaigners took part in a slow walk shortly after 8am on Thursday.

When two police officers tried to stop the peaceful protest, a former lorry driver to the site mounted one of the tanker trucks.

Chris, a resident of Kirby Misperton Protection Camp (KMPC), worked as a lorry driver in March and was delivering to the fracking site during demonstrations.

Once he was advised he was about to deliver to a fracking company, he turned the truck around and refused to complete the job.

After learning more about the fracking industry, he joined the KMPC.

He said: “I knew the guy on the lorry and we had a good chat. I told him about all the support I received when I quit my job.

“People offered me work all over the country, and offered to crowd fund for me. He didn’t know anything about fracking but he’s going to look into it.”

It was agreed the tankers would not access the site today, and that no arrests would be made.

Protectors blockaded the gates while the vehicles left.

Peter, a protector and resident of Pickering, said: “These victories are important. We have demonstrated simply and without the need for any great police presence.

“I feel empowered that our actions made a difference.”