A DISABLED pensioner on an electric scooter needed a police escort after getting stuck on a busy dual carriageway.

The low-speed driver prompted a police emergency response after motorists spotted him crawling along the road in Middlesbrough.

Despite cranking his battery-powered scooter up to its maximum speed of 8mph, several drivers reported near misses as cars sped past him at more than 60mph.

Engineer Ian Hardy, from Darlington, said he could not believe his eyes as he watched the incident unfold on the A1032 Newport Bridge approach road on Monday afternoon.

"It was just incredible," said Mr Hardy, who captured the action on camera.

"It was so bizarre. He came along in the outside lane with a queue of traffic behind him and a panda car to his left. Most motorists were having a bit of a laugh, it was so strange.

"You don't expect something like that on a busy road. It was like a bit of a circus."

The determined pensioner drove off the carriageway onto the Cannon Park roundabout, where he gave officers the slip.

Mr Hardy said: "They asked me, 'Excuse me - have you seen a bloke on an electric scooter?'

"The two in the police car looked a bit sheepish to have lost a battery-powered scooter.

"I bet they'll be the toast of the nick."

A Cleveland Police spokeswoman said last night: "We received calls from a number of motorists most anxious about the safety of the scooter rider and we responded for his safety as well as the safety of motorists.

"We could not at first see him as he came over a bridge, but we pulled alongside him and asked: 'Are you okay?'

"He could not get onto the pavement because there was a barrier in the way.

"He did not speed off and there was no pursuit. We stayed alongside and slowed the traffic down until he had an opportunity of getting onto the pavement."

Traffic officer PC Steve Garner, who was not involved in the incident, said the scooter was road legal, although some are not.

He said: "There are two types - class two and class three.

"Class two is limited to 4mph and generally stays on footpaths. class three is limited to 8mph and can go on roads or footpaths."