A COUNCIL lambasted for its “embarrassing” Christmas tree has made improvements – and asked residents to show some love for our tree.

There was an angry backlash on social media about the way the lights had been draped on to the tree, with one saying it looked like “something Delboy and Rodney would do”.

Others called on the town’s yarn bombers to knit some better decorations.

Darlington Borough Council even had to warn a group of people – who had arranged to meet at the town tree on Friday to improve it – not to cross the barriers surrounding the tree in case of an accident.

A council spokesman said: “Show some love for our Christmas tree.

“Thanks to everyone who has commented on its appearance since the lights switch on.

“In response, we’ve moved some of the lights as well as adding some more yesterday.

“We hope you’ll agree it’s looking much more twinkly.”

The lights had been draped on to the tree, on Joseph Pease Place, High Row, from above, rather than being wrapped around it.

A group of disgruntled townspeople had agreed to meet at the tree last Friday to spruce it up, sparking the warning from the council – which had by then promised to improve it themselves – of the dangers of doing so.

The group had even made plans to visit a nearby pound shop for cheap decorations and to hang them on the branches of the tree.

One comment on social media said, before the improvements said: “That tree is comedy gold, like something Delboy and Rodney would do.”

Most residents were happier with the tree after the council put more lights on it and repositioned the old ones.

However, one Bishop Auckland resident said there were two trees on roundabouts in his hometown which looked better.

“He said: “All look beautiful and has some effort put into it... now let that sink in Darlington Borough Council.

“You’re being upstaged by two roundabouts... in Bishop.”