A CRACKDOWN on anti-social behaviour has seen extra patrols taking to the streets of the region's tourism capital.

Operation Casbia was launched in York in October and has already seen a number of successes.

Officers have seized nine motorbikes and mopeds, issued five official warnings for anti-social behaviour on roads and made multiple home visits to parents of youths found to be committing anti-social behaviour in an effort to divert them from such behaviour.

The reported incidents of mopeds being used in an anti-social manner has dropped by half since the inception of the operation.

Inspector Lee Pointon from the York Neighbourhood Policing team said: “Patrols will continue throughout December and will be supported by specialist officers.

"We remind everyone that the use of our roads is a privilege granted to those who obtain the necessary licences and authorisations to do so.

"It is the responsibility of every road user to adhere to the Highway Code."