ANOTHER unelected lord has been caught out over his expenses.

Lord Steve Bassam – nicknamed “Lord Swampy”, is Labour’s Chief Whip in the Lords, has claimed £260,000 since 2010 for a second home that he has never had.

He has also claimed £41,000 for travelling expenses between his Brighton home and Westminster, and he has now agreed to pay this back.

His post as Chief Whip is to maintain discipline among Labour peers. He should have had a word with himself. This is just greed.

If he has to pay back the larger amount to the taxpayer will his family have to visit a food bank?

Sadly we constantly hear that these indiscretions, as shown by the “Paradise Papers” on avoiding paying taxes, are within the rules.

But whose rules?

I hope that this case is not put to bed within the next few days. I recall how quickly Lester Piggott lost his knighthood for his avoidance of taxes.

David Johnson, Bishop Auckland